Welcome to Sephardic Religious School!

Sephardic Religious School (SRS) teaches to all levels of learning and is open for enrollment for all Jewish children, whether Sephardic or Ashkenazic, and regardless of synagogue affiliation. In fact fully half of our students are of Ashkenazic background. What makes SRS unique is its warm, nurturing environment which is the result of an unusually caring teaching staff and a very low student to teacher ratio with most classes having five or fewer students. Because of this we can work with students of all levels and/or needs and truly provide individualized hands on teaching. We also instill our students with a sense of joy in Jewish life, part of which comes from the many celebrations and other events that take place during the course of the school year. We encourage all to contact us and/or visit and get to know our school better. We are very proud of what we have to offer.

Director of Education Rachely Hemmat rachel1h@aol.com or 206 992-2235